World Class Tubing Operations


IST is one the most versatile steel tubing operations in the world. With their ability to both mill and cut tube in-house, they can offer an unprecedented turnaround time at an ultra competitive price. IST utilizes three unique cut methods to further expand its product spectrum and tailor to the need of the customer. Each method offers distinct advantages depending on the end use. Here is an example of each method:


BEWO Method  
BEWO Cut Method BEWO Cut Method
Brehm Method  
Brehm Method Brehm Method
Haven Method  
Haven Method Haven Method





Today's Technology!


IST has taken pride in investing in technology. With the addition of a brand new high frequency tube mill, IST has doubled its milling capability. The addition of this equipment also allows IST to provide tubing at unrivaled quality. Use the contact page for any questions or inquires that you might have.